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MSTC Waiting Area
Therapy Centre waiting area
Chamber Pics
Inside the oxygen chamber
The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre was first established around July 2006 when James Pratts, who suffers from RSD/CRPS,  had to attend regular treatment sessions in the UK. This meant leaving his two boys and wife behind for long periods of time whilst he received treatmentin the UK.

In July 2006, James wanted to get this burden off his back, so, after much thought and thousands of pounds later, James decided to purchase the hyperbaric chambers at his own personal expense. The Chambers came from the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Manchester (Trafford Park), where they had four, and where footballers from around the area of Manchester made good use of it.

In early July 2006, James was given a location where he was able to fit these chambers. Initially, however, the location given to James was in appalling conditions, and the premises had to be completely gutted and rebuilt from the ground up (See "Our Premises" for photos and more details). This was possible only with help from local firms and very kind generous donations. In April 2008, after a lot of dedication and over two years of man hours, the project was completed, and the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre became ready to use.

The facilities at the Centre can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including MS, such as sports injuries, lupus, torn ligaments, epilepsy, bone density problems and spinal injuries. See our page "Conditions Treated" for more information.