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Video Documentary

"A Little More Oxygen: The Hyperbaric Chamber". a three-part documentary looking at oxygen therapy in Gibraltar now on YouTube:
Part I (focusing on the science and technology behind oxygen therapy)
Part II (reviewing the positive effects and patient testimonials)
Part III (the question of funding for the facilities in Gibraltar)

MSTC in Scotland To Be Used by NHS (November 2011)

The ten Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centres in Scotland have recently joined the MSNTC (effective January 2012), with the NHS referring the following conditions to these centres: fibromyalgia, ME, vascular, circulatory, and wound healing.

Member Benefits (October 2011)

By becoming a member (£10 annual fee), you will benefit from reduced prices for use of the oxygen chamber and access to a motorised machine designed to assist people with mobility / muscle problems. Members are also entitled to insurance coverage and advice from Professor Philip James on treatment protocols for related conditions. Contact us for more details.

Facebook (July 2011)

Oxy Treatment can now be found on Facebook. Join us to be kept informed on progress, view related case studies and treatment options, and to chat and share stories with others.

Website Launched (June 2011)

Spread the word... Now that we have an established Therapy Centre we are committed in providing a service that helps our community as much as we can. With that in mind, we have developed this website where you can find all the information you need to know. Please feel free to send us your feedback on how we can improve our website.

Centre Completion (April 2008)

We are happy to announce the completion of our new Therapy Centre, where we can treat a range of conditions. We are situated at 16 Flint Road (off Devil's Tower Road), Gibraltar. Feel feel to drop by to see our facilities or contact us if you have any enquires or wish to book an appointment. One of our helpful members of staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.