Oxygen Therapy

Why use High Dose Oxygen Chambers? (HDOT)

HIGH DOSE OXYGEN THERAPY (HDOT) will only go up to 2ATA. At the Centre, we use 1.5ata,1.75ata and 2ata only.

Divers use HBOT which stands for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which they have to go deeper than 2ATA.  

Oxygen is essential to every one of the tissues in the body and any tissue injury requires oxygen for healing. Recent research at the University of Dundee has shown that, in the inflammation that is typical of MS, the transport of oxygen is severely limited by tissue swelling.

Oxygen therapy, here the normal amount of oxygen in the air is many times exceeded, is now being widely used in medical practice, notably in the USA, mainland Europe, Japan, Russia and China - primarily to treat carbon monoxide poisoning and aid the healing of injuries and wounds of different types.

The process by which damage to the nervous system is caused in MS clearly cannot be prevented by oxygen therapy. However, the body normally heals itself using oxygen from the air - giving additional oxygen extends the body's ability to heal and can limit some of the damage which the disease causes.

Oxygen chamber entrance

Inside the chamber

Control panel

Why should this be?

Breathing oxygen under pressure causes the dilated and leaky blood vessels in MS to constrict back to normal size and reduce the swelling, due to fluid gathering, which can lead to cells dying. Paradoxically, at the same time, more oxygen is delivered to the bloodstream so increasing  the amount available to help undertake repair. Many pharmaceutical products will also reduce swelling, but they may also actually reduce the available amount of oxygen. It is obvious they cannot replace oxygen. The aim of oxygen treatment in MS is thus to minimise the amount of damage being caused, promote rapid healing and limit scar formation which can prevent never function being restored. This is most appropriate as soon as possible after symptoms become apparent.

Video Documentary (December 2011)

To view a three-part documentary looking at Gibraltar's hyperbaric chambers at the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, please click on the following links:


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